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How can I help spread the word about Genesis: Paradise Lost?

We have prepared a Volunteer Outreach Guide that will give you several ideas and help you be part of our grassroots strategy to help everyone in America know about the film and its potential impact in our culture. You can find the Volunteer Guide on the Resource page of GenesisMovie.com

What is the main message of GENESIS: PARADISE LOST?

GENESIS: Paradise Lost presents God’s Creation of the world as recorded in the first chapter of the Bible—Genesis Chapter 1. Intertwined with the computer generated images are interviews with scientists and theologians. GENESIS: Paradise Lost challenges our culture’s indoctrination into the evolutionary worldview with biblical and scientific facts and shows that a person’s view of origins affects a person’s moral opinion on many things, including the sanctity of life, an individual’s purpose for existing, and what happens after death. The film climaxes with a clear presentation of the Gospel.

What age is this movie appropriate for?

At our World Premiere October 2017, with over 350 people including dozens of children, we were blessed to have amazing reactions from all ages. Children from 5 years old and up attended the theatrical event and everyone loved it. There are some documentary portions that go beyond elementary age children’s grasp, but they love the 3D animation intertwined as the universe is created before their very eyes! GENESIS: Paradise Lost received a PG rating for “THEMATIC ELEMENTS” by the Motion Picture Association of America.  GENESIS: Paradise Lost received the coveted Dove Seal of Approval for All Ages! At our World Premiere October 2017, with over 350 people including dozens of children, we were blessed to have amazing reactions from all ages. Children from 5 years old and up attended the theatrical event and everyone loved it. There are some documentary portions that go beyond elementary age children’s grasp, but they love the 3D animation intertwined as the universe is created before their very eyes!

Will closed captioning be available for GENESIS: PARADISE LOST?

Closed Captioning is available as of June 2018 on the Live Streaming Downloads (Video on Demand) including subtitling for 27 languages. Subtitles are also available on the 2D DVD and Blu-ray format; however, subtitles are not available on the RealD 3D format. Twelve languages appear on the March 1, 2018 First Edition, and 27 languages appear on the September 1, 2018 Second Edition.



Afrikaans (AF), Bulgarian (BG) български, Chinese Simp (ZH cs) 汉语, Chinese Trad (ZH ct) 漢語, Croatian (HR) Hrvatsk, Czech (CS) Čeština, Dutch (NL) Nederlands, English (EN), Estonian (ET) Eesti, French (FR) Français, German (DE) Deutsch, Greek (EL) Ελληνικά, Hebrew (HE) עברית, Hindi (HI) हिन्दी, Hungarian (HU) Magyar, Indonesian (ID), Norwegian (NO) Norsk, Polish (PL) Język polski, Portuguese (PT) Português, Romanian (RO) Română, Russian (RU) Русский, Slovenian (SL) Slovene, Spanish (ES) Español, Swedish (SV) Svenska, Telugu (TE) తెలుగు, Thai (TH) ภาษาไทย, Ukrainian (UK) Українська

In what regions will the GENESIS: Paradise Lost film format play?

GENESIS: Paradise Lost is formatted in Region 0 in order to play anywhere in the world.

Will GENESIS: PARADISE LOST be available in different languages?

As of July 2018, translated subtitles for 27 languages are completed and 14 more are currently in progress. Twelve are available on the First Edition, and all 27 appear on the Second Edition due to release September 1,  2018. Subtitles appear on the 2D DVD and Blu-ray formats; however, these are not on the 3D format. We update the status of this exciting worldwide outreach via the GenesisMovie.com website and email (subscribe here). If you are interested in volunteering to translate or voice over the Genesis film, email us at GenesisMovie@CreationToday.org. We are specifically praying for Arabic, Punjabi, Japanese, Javanese, Wu Chinese (Shanghainese), Italian, Korean, and Vietnamese.


Subtitled Languages on March 1, 2018 First Edition 2D DVD and Blu-ray; Not on 3D; and formatted in Region 0 in order to play anywhere in the world.

✺ Chinese Simplified

✺ Hungarian

✺ Chinese Traditional

✺ Norwegian

✺ Croatian

✺ Polish

✺ Dutch

✺ Portuguese

✺ English

✺ Romanian

✺ Greek

✺ Thai


The September 1, 2018 Second Edition contains these additional subtitled languages:

✺ Afrikaans

✺ Hindi

✺ Bulgarian

✺ Indonesian

✺ Czech

✺ Russian

✺ Estonian

✺ Slovene

✺ French

✺ Spanish

✺ German

✺ Hebrew

✺ Swedish

✺ Telugu

✺ Ukrainian

I missed seeing GENESIS: Paradise Lost in theaters & I wanted to bring a friend. Can I see it again?

I missed seeing GENESIS: Paradise Lost in theaters & I wanted to bring a friend. Can I see it again?

Good news. Though you missed the national release, you now have the unique opportunity to bring GENESIS: Paradise Lost to your city! We partnered with the Tugg company to allow anyone, anywhere in the United States to bring this powerful, theatrical experience home. Here are the basic steps:

1. Go to the Tugg website’s GENESIS: Paradise Lost page  and click “Host a Screening at Your Local Theater.”

2.  Fill out the “Create a Tugg Event” form to pick the film, date, time, and place.

3. Wait for the theater approval of your request, and then you can begin selling tickets on your personalized Event Page, created for you by the Tugg Company.

4.  Confirm your screening by simply selling enough tickets before the event deadline. (The average number of required ticket sales to confirm an event is between 70 – 90 but varies depending on theater size and location. If you don’t meet the required “Ticket Sales Threshold,” no one will be charged and your event will be canceled.)

5.  Meet the minimum ticket sales requirement and fulfill the duties of the organizer’s role; then enjoy experiencing this Gospel-filled Creation message with your community! For all your legwork to organize the event, you receive an added bonus of 5% of the ticket sales.

For complete details about bringing GENESIS Paradise Lost to a theater in your area, go to https://www.tugg.com/titles/genesis-paradise-lost

To maximize your efforts for your Tugg Theater Event with a GENESIS: Paradise Lost Movie Night, we created advertising assets to make your outreach easy to facilitate including a Discussion Guide, Bulletin Inserts, Posters, Email Templates, and more which we can make available to you via downloads.

Can churches and individuals show GENESIS: Paradise Lost in public meetings?

March 1, 2018 marked the official release date of Church / Public Licensing. If you plan to show GENESIS: Paradise Lost at an event open to the public, you need to purchase a license. Included with the license is your Blu-ray Combo that allows you to choose any of the three formats for your screening; editable advertising materials for your events; free Discussion Guide, and more!

Go to GenesisMovie.com and click the “ORDER” button to find all the details. We praise God that in the first ten days, GENESIS: Paradise Lost shipped to 36 countries! We are praying for churches, mission organizations, and individuals to get onboard in taking this message global!

What are your hopes for this movie? How do you hope this movie will help Christians & unbelievers?

We hope this film strengthens the faith of believers and wins the lost to Christ. We hope it’s something that the Holy Spirit uses to open the eyes of the spiritually blind, to literally perform spiritual miracles around the world. We hope it challenges people’s indoctrination into the evolutionary worldview with a biblical and scientific education, showing them that their view of origins affects everything!

We hope people who experience GENESIS: Paradise Lost will say, “Wow! I am created by the God of the universe! And not only is He my Creator, He wants to be my personal Savior. I need to repent of my sin against God and put my faith and trust in Him today.”

Ultimately, we hope this movie brings glory to God!

By showing GENESIS: Paradise Lost on the big screen, we want Christians to be encouraged in their faith and we want those who don’t yet believe to understand that they are created in the very image of their Creator, God.

For the many Christians today who wish they had a well-produced film to explain to their friends the biblical and scientific approach to origins, they will have something they can be proud to share with others. For the unconvinced, we hope that they will come to know that we are not just the result of some blind chance process of evolution. We were specially created by God, in His image, and even though we rebelled against Him, He was still willing to send His Son to pay the penalty for our sins.

We desire for audiences to experience Genesis! Whether people believe the book of Genesis or aren’t yet convinced, GENESIS: Paradise Lost leaves viewers with an appreciation for science and a desire to dive deeper for the truth. We trust that most will walk away with a greater assurance in the reality of creation and an urgency to tell others how they can come to know the Creator, the true God and His power, majesty, and might. In the end, only God deserves credit for the amazing world He has made. He alone is worthy of our worship and our praise.

What is your vision for the Genesis movie? How do you think it will impact Christians & unbelievers?

Our vision all along for this first-of-its-kind animated documentary has been to strengthen the faith of believers and to reach the lost with the Gospel. This vision fulfills Creation Today’s mission—to impact individuals around the world to KNOW and DEFEND their creator GOD!

When we looked at the list of 3D movies available at the theater, there were ZERO Christian movies! We are praying that many non-Christians will experience GENESIS: Paradise Lost just out of curiosity, or for its high-quality 3D element. God promised that His Word would not return void, and the clear Gospel presentation by speakers including Evangelist Ray Comfort of Living Waters, is full of God’s Word.

It is our prayer that in the two hours it takes someone to watch this movie, lives will be changed. We pray that in less time than it takes to watch a football game, the Holy Spirit will open people’s eyes to the truth of the Creator who became the Savior of mankind. The harvest, then, is up to God.

Who is the target audience for this film?

Everyone! For those who are Christians, this film is not only going to give them information, it’s going to visualize the information they need to confirm truth in their minds. After experiencing Genesis chapter one, believers will be able to confidently say, “We do have the truth! God’s Word was right all along!”

For someone who is not a Christian, this film will challenge their belief in what they thought was their ticket to “freedom from God.” It challenges everything about their worldview. They will leave the theater asking, “Why am I believing this evolutionary worldview when there is so much scientific evidence against it?”

While we realize that it will be mostly believers that initially see this production, we pray that unbelievers, too, will experience truth for themselves. God divinely inspired Genesis to reveal truth both scientifically and theologically. God wrote it as the very foundation for the entire universe. It’s the foundation that shows us why our world is broken and why we ultimately need the Savior—Jesus Christ.

God knew the hard questions would come, and He gave us answers in the very first book of the Bible. That’s why we labored for seven years to bring God’s foundation and His answers to the big screen.

That’s why we feel it’s more than just a movie. It’s a bridge that our culture feels comfortable crossing. Hey! People go to the movie theater everyday! It’s not a threatening atmosphere. Our culture desperately needs Jesus and we are praying GENESIS: Paradise Lost will be the bridge that takes them to Him!

Is GENESIS: Paradise Lost a documentary?

This film blurs all the movie definition lines. While it is categorized as a documentary spotlighting interviews with high-ranking scientists, it’s intertwined with a phenomenal computer-generated animation of the creation of the universe! No longer will audiences only read about God creating our world. This 3D, high-tech movie pulls audiences “inside the action” allowing them to experience Genesis chapter one! We need a new category of films: a docuanimation!

With the film complete, explain why there is still need for its support.

In 2011 when we began working on this amazing project called Genesis, we had no idea if others saw the same need for this first-of-its-kind production as we did. With the fastest growing religion in the world being “*Nones,” (*Not atheist or skeptic, simply no religious interest; no religion for us) we desperately needed a medium to which they were already attracted because quite simply we are not reaching them. Thus—a movie.  God miraculously provided for us to complete the history-making endeavor, but we still have to take it to the world.

The Jesus Film, now translated into over 1,000 languages, has been used by God for nearly 40 years to reach millions of people with the Gospel through film. We believe God has blessed us with a unique opportunity to take GENESIS: Paradise Lost to a new culture of skeptics, and we offer Christians the opportunity to be involved with this outreach. We are so thankful for the thousands who funded the production of the project and would love for thousands more to be involved in taking it global.

We have 12 languages subtitled on the first edition; 14 more completed for the second edition, and 18 in progress for the ongoing work. To reach the over seven billion people on our planet, we have a lot of work to do and it all takes resources. That’s why we need “behemoth” support: both with prayer and finances.

Eric, Where did the idea for the Genesis movie originate?

Back in 2007 while speaking in Orlando, I met the man who would be the GENESIS: Paradise Lost Director and Producer—Ralph Strean.  Ralph had worked at Lockheed Martin, Disney, and EA sports but after becoming a Christian and seeing the truth of Genesis, he wanted to do more than entertain people. He wanted to make an eternal impact with his talent. As we ate breakfast, we talked about our desire to reach people for Christ and the reasons why we were  losing the Millennials and  Generation X.  “How can we reach these, guys?” I asked Ralph.

Our journey together began when we decided to produce Creation Minutes, a visually rich one minute teaching that focused on a single topic. Realizing that it’s no longer books that serve as the biggest influence on culture today, we wanted to produce visual media that could capture the minds of the youth and teach them the truth.

We realize that non-Christian sources such as Discovery Channel and Hollywood have a “corner on the market” when it comes to high-tech animation. But it is that animation that so strongly shapes young minds at their highest point of development. Their insane $200,000,000 budgets (yeah that’s 200 million dollar budgets!) to produce such high quality, anti-creation products leave Christian ministries almost without options to compete.

We also looked at the data on how many young people go to movie theaters vs go to church in any given week. Movie theaters won hands down. So could we take the Gospel to the theaters through a high-tech animated full-length feature film whose quality rivaled that of Discovery Channel?

Ralph and I both felt God was calling us to this big task. The question was, did we have the faith to start this journey? Sometimes there is a fine line between faith and foolishness. Most told us we were foolish to attempt such a monumental film, but you asked where the idea for GENESIS: Paradise Lost came from, and now you know.

Who were the original partners on board to create GENESIS: Paradise Lost?

Creation Today partnered with Sevenfold Films to develop a computer generated series that would help people understand basic concepts about Creation and Evolution. After working together for several years, they began GENESIS: Paradise Lost. Resurrection Pictures loved the concept and came on board to turn the film into a feature-length movie. When it was time for a live action director, Kingdom Works Studios joined the efforts to produce the thrilling results.

The movie addresses the age-old question of origins. Why is the issue of creation still important?

Any culture or individual that lives without an ultimate authority will live in chaos. Look at our culture today. We can’t agree on what a man or woman is. We can’t agree on what marriage is. We can’t agree on what color is. We are worshiping the Creation instead of the Creator. If there was ever a time in history that we needed the truth of Genesis 1, it is today because the film takes us back to the beginning and let’s us experience Creation!

We deny the Creation; we deny the flood; we deny the coming judgement just like God’s Word predicted in 2 Peter 3. Like Jesus said, he that has eyes to see, let him see, and he that has ears to hear, let him hear.

Listen to some of the common reasons people reject God as the Creator, or the Bible as the authority in both their own life and in their culture. Inevitably you’ll hear, “Science has disproved the Bible.” GENESIS: Paradise Lost was born out of a desire to teach people foundational truths–the truth about where we come from and the truth about why we are here. What we discover is that the very first words of Scripture contain the very foundation for truth itself, “In the beginning God . . .” Using this foundation, we find the answers to so many of life’s basic questions. Who am I? Where did I come from? Is there any real purpose to life? Does anyone really know what happens when I die?

However, the idea for this project was to go even deeper. We have seen what happens in a culture when science has been redefined so as to never allow a “divine foot in the door”, a phrase coined by evolutionary biologist Richard Lewontin. We are left with a materialism based on atheistic humanism that answers these questions from a fundamentally different perspective. The results are devastating.

Our culture is at a crossroads and most solutions presented to solve the crisis don’t tackle the foundational issue that has led to this great divide. Was man created with a purpose or are we merely cosmic accidents? How you answer this question determines most of your philosophy on how you answer the rest of life’s questions.

Genesis: Paradise Lost addresses much more than the Creation vs Evolution issue. The book of Genesis foundationally answers the marriage issue, the gender identity issue, the abortion issue, the race issue, and so many more issues. Understanding Genesis brings clarity to a confused culture.

In our divided culture we need GENESIS: Paradise Lost to clarify these foundational questions about our origins. Major companies like NOVA and Discovery use computer-aided imagery to promote only one side of the creation vs evolution debate. The GENESIS film brings a much needed balance to this inequality. Viewers will be able to experience creation in 3D. Finally, what a majority of Americans believe will be represented on a national platform.

We needed to make a movie that let people know God is real, that His Son, Jesus Christ, is real, and that He offers them the priceless opportunity to know Him as their Creator and Savior. The implications of accepting or rejecting God’s Word are far reaching and ultimately a question of accepting or rejecting truth. That’s why we felt the need to present truth from its very beginning.

Many see science and faith as direct opposites. Who addresses this issue in GENESIS: Paradise Lost?

GENESIS: Paradise Lost presents some of the finest and most accomplished scientists addressing the supposed conflict between science and faith. Cast member and member of Mensa, Dr. Charles Jackson, summed up the science and faith conflict well with these words.

“Science and faith were once twin sisters and faithful sovereigns of two realms that both strove with integrity to arrive at the truths about all things. But both have become tarnished by the majority of their practitioners bringing conflict rather than harmony. Traitors to the truth that both once sought, have done their best to corrupt not only the image but the practice of the other resulting in what has been falsely called ‘the science and religion wars.’ Sadly, some from both camps have realized this tragedy, but not many. True science and true religion are not in any conflict, and have remained so to this day. This is not because either has had to compromise. It is because the truth is still the truth. If we could return to the openness of a non-compromising dialogue between the two, many great things would begin to happen once again. But, that is not hopeful. The good news to the Bible-believer is that our faith is not merely blind faith. It is still, as ever, based upon an observationally and intellectually consistent rock of integrity.”

Those words are powerfully backed with the latest scientific research by the Genesis cast. For example, Molecular Geneticist Dr. Georgia Purdom of the Answers in Genesis Research Staff brilliantly brings together the most current genetic studies with Scripture.

Dr. Andrew Fabich, Microbiologist Professor at Truett McConnell College and Dr. Tommy Mitchell, a physician trained at Vanderbilt University Hospitals joins the cast to address topics from their respected fields of study.  With a Ph.D. in Astrophysics, Dr. Danny Faulkner who holds the title of Distinguished Professor Emeritus and who has published more than a hundred papers in astronomy and astrophysics journals brings Astrophysics down-to-earth in a way everyone can comprehend.

Dr. Terry Mortenson “digs” into the geologic features of the earth to uncover what this history truly reveals. He brings his voice to the table letting people know that science and Scripture truly are in harmony.  We’ve got Dr. John Baumgardner, Ph.D. Geophysicist and Space Physics with degrees from Princeton and who served with distinction in the Air Force Weapons Laboratory. Man can he thrust out scientific data!

Dr. David Menton, former Professor of Anatomy at Washington University School of Medicine, who now serves as Creationist Anatomist and Lecturer for Answers in Genesis. He does an incredible job of going through the scientific evidence for the the “supposed cavemen.” He totally annihilates any idea that Australopithecus afarensis, better known as Lucy, was half ape and half human or that any of the pseudo-science cavemen like Neanderthal man, or Java man, or Piltdown man were apes evolving into humans, as he thoroughly explains that they were two, separate created “kinds.”

Some of the most in-demand theologians, apologists and creation speakers compellingly bring science and scripture together. Dr. Voddie Baucham, Jr., Ken Ham, Ray Comfort, Chad Hovind, Dr. Jeremy Lyons, and Bodie Hodge all deliver vital historical and biblical truth about our origin and how that worldview affects everything—taking us from Creation to the Cross!

It’s amazing to see these phenomenal minds come together, all explaining why we know that Genesis is scientifically accurate! In truth, science and faith are not in conflict, and experiencing this truth in Genesis: Paradise Lost is amazing. Audiences watch the compelling Genesis narrative unfold while listening to the scientific evidence allowing them to truly experience Creation like never before.

Read the cast bios on the website, and you will be amazed at the caliber of men and women whose vast knowledge base raise the scholastic bar of the film’s integrity.

When we did our Genesis screening with a recruited audience at the 20/20 Research facility in Nashville, one of the things we wanted to know was what people would think of the scientists and the facts they cover. We were “positively”overwhelmed hearing some of the very first comments being about the film’s tremendous scientific content!

“Content was amazing!”

“I’ve never even heard a bunch of this stuff before!”

“The scientific expertise is unmatched in a single film.”

“This is a scientific homerun!”

What are some of the issues with which this new film deals?

Viewers will be surprised with the breadth of subject matter in Genesis: Paradise Lost. We cover creation to climate change, and evolution to the problem of evil, cavemen, carbon dating, the fossil record, the geologic column, the age of the universe, and distant starlight, just to name a few. We discover that the origins debate is foundational to almost every other debate in our world today — a bold, but true statement.

Can we hold to evolution & be faithful to Scripture? Does the Bible actually mention evolution?

The Bible clearly teaches that God created the original “kinds” of all animals and plants. This biblical view does not leave room for any form of molecule to man evolution, or “macro-evolution” as it has been termed by evolutionists. However the Bible does give instruction for the animals, and people to “fill the earth.” As this happens, there is a need for organisms to “adapt” to their environment. The small changes that take place in adaptation are referred to as “micro-evolution”, which is the built-in ability for the genetic information to adapt to a new environment.

GENESIS: Paradise Lost makes it clear that the underlying principle in all of life science is not evolution, but a designed ability to adapt. This is paramount in understanding the difference between scientifically accurate, factual micro-evolution (adaptation), vs. the unscientific, unproven theory of macro-evolution (molecules to man).

To help us address this very question, we were blessed to partner with several apologetics and creation ministries including Answers in Genesis. Their amazing team of scientists has done extensive research into baraminology (the study of the created kinds) and their research results are featured in GENESIS: Paradise Lost. Viewers will leave re-affirming their scientific reasons for rejecting the evolution theory, or at the very least, seriously questioning what they have been taught about it.

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